No on City Hall Bond

Mayor & City Council
Yesterday ( 2/20/20) I emailed you with my candid and blunt opinion on the $8.2 Million bond placed on the November ballot by you. (At least Dennis Slattery and Julie Akins oppose it).
In the months preceding your action, you have received multiple examples of diplomatically presented FACTS from knowledgeable Ashland residents. Facts that do not support proceeding with this size of bond at this time.  Apparently all seems to have blown right by you, with rarely any acknowledgement that it has even been read and evaluated.

Now, with Covid-19 ravaging Ashland’s hotels, inns, restaurants, and shops…..Council persists on this quest for $$$ to throw at another project. As I stated before: “Where is your acknowledgment that it can’t be ‘business as usual’”?
Look around you, get out on the street and talk to residents. They are anxious, many are hungry and jobless. They are balancing home, work ( if they have it) and educating their children at home. The end of “stay at home” is not even on the horizon.

As for the emails I received from Mr. Jensen and Mr. Rosenthal chastising me for my “tone” and delivery in yesterday’s email: Might I suggest to you both, a motto used by many chefs : “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


Susan Hall RN

Susan Hall Letter on City Hall

Susan Hall Letter on City Hall