Vote No on City Hall Bond

Tidings 5/8/2020

I read with interest Mayor John Stromberg’s letter regarding the facilities bond to upgrade the City Hall and other city facilities.

Stromberg supports raising your taxes (again). Why? Simply because Stromberg and the city have refused to set aside money in a capital improvement fund. Most governmental bodies do so.

This is Stromberg’s 12th year as mayor. He should be held accountable for not doing so.

Instead of setting money aside, like we are all taught to do at a young age, the city continues to spend with a “cavalier attitude” and is “addicted to spending” (Mail Tribune — 2/11/18).

It’s time for voters to say no to another tax increase (though the mayor would like us to believe that it is not a tax increase because other taxes are sunsetting, that is disingenuous).

Vote no on 15-193.

Send a message to the city to start saving money for capital improvements, and to quit coming to the taxpayers with their hand out.

Tom Dimitre


Stromberg Supports Raising Your Taxes (again)

Stromberg Supports Raising Your Taxes (again)