Sheri Cellini Admonishes City Council on Bond Proposal

Dear Council members,

Please excuse my email as for not being as eloquent as it should be.

First off I am thoroughly confused by how the city cannot operate within a budget, and expects all of it’s citizens to do so in order to help out the city’s poor accounting.

Secondly I am confused on how a building built in in 1921 could last over 60 years without needing restoration or a remodel. Now only 30 years after a remodel it is need of one.  What does that say about who the city chooses to have remodel their buildings.  Also I just remodeled a house larger than both Pioneer Hall and the Community Center, it did not come close to $500,000.

As for Pioneer Hall the roof unable to handle the SNOW, that is just ludicrous, how often does it snow that much for us to worry about it?  When was the last snow fall that the snow build up that much and did not burn off and Pioneer Hall had to be closed?  My son was in Boy Scouts for over 10 years, and the only time they could not use Pioneer Hall was when the city took it over as an extreme warming center last year!

And as far as the City Hall repairs and remodel that just nauseates me.  I do not understand why there is a  need now for such an extravagant city hall.  The cost is outrageous!  The City should be able to restore they building at a reasonable cost.  City Hall being fixed up is not going to solve all the other problems with downtown, outrageous rent, bagging, and other issues.

It would seem to me that you should figure out how to work within your budget.  I urge this levy not to be brought forward and if it is I will campaign for people to vote NO! Work within your means, I have to.  In fact my whole family has to and will have to work with LESS if this goes thru.

Lastly, continually taxing and taking from your citizens/property owners is not a good long term strategy.  Families are continually being forced out of Ashland due to its rising cost.  If you are looking for a town full of retires than remember their money will eventually run out too.  Families are what keeps a city going and growing.

Thank you for your time.

Sheri Cellini Admonishes City Council on Bond Proposal






Sheri Cellini

Sheri Cellini Admonishes City Council on Bond Proposal

Sheri Cellini Admonishes City Council on Bond Proposal