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ACES Letter to Planning Commission – Deny Conditional Use Permit

We understand the owners of the old Croman Mill land on Mistletoe Road, Dwaine & Bud, LLC, have recently applied for a Conditional Use land-use approval to continue to run a 5 year soils processing business on the nearly 60 acre Croman…

Business Assistance by Other Oregon Cities – Where’s Ashland?

Grants to Struggling Businesses Beaverton, $500,000 Cannon Beach $302,000 Forest Grove, related to rents and mortgage payments, $100,000 Grants Pass, $785,00

ACES Letter to Mayor & Council – Cost Saving Ideas!

We are dismayed with the lack of substantive progress on cost reductions in response to the Covid-19 crisis and the structural deficit that already existed in the budget. 

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George Kramer – The Voters Have Spoken… LOUDLY

Now that Measure 18-193, the $8.2 million Deferred Maintenance Bond, has failed overwhelmingly at the ballot, it is time to move on. The Mayor and those members of council who pushed hard for this measure, Graham, Jensen and Rosenthal,…

Statement by David Runkel

ACES Letter to Mayor & Council – Business Assistance Ideas

We respectfully submit the following recommendations to provide immediate assistance to struggling Ashland business people facing financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Letter on City Hall by Meredith Overstreet

Ashland Councilors Rosenthal and Jensen wrote, “Our forbearers in Ashland had the wisdom, financial courage and generosity to invest in our jewel of a town.” I agree, if we were living in different times!

Ashlander – Vote No on All Bonds

Environmentalists and economists teach that monocultures are unstable, fragile and inevitably crash. Ashland’s tourism has become a monoculture. Diversity is resilience.

Ashlander Supports Measure 15-189

Join me. Vote to change the outdated Ashland City Charter to a professional council-manager plan. The current form gives the elected mayor and council responsibility to hire and fire department heads, then asks the city administrator to…

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Susan Hall Letter on City Hall

Yesterday ( 2/20/20) I emailed you with my candid and blunt opinion on the $8.2 Million bond placed on the November ballot by you. (At least Dennis Slattery and Julie Akins oppose it).

City Of Portland Making $100-Million In Cuts – Ashland no Action

I know that you are worried about what the global coronavirus crisis means for the City of Portland’s financial future, and how that will impact your own job security and financial health.

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At this week’s City Council meeting, as our leadership reiterated its support for the $8.2 million Deferred Maintenance Bond to upgrade City Hall and deal with two shuttered city-owned buildings on Winburn Way, a new justification for the…

Statement by David Runkel

ACES Letter to Mayor & Council

We represent a number of citizens who were deeply concerned about the fiscal status and economic health of the city of Ashland before the advent of Covid-19.  Now, we’ve seen little to no action on the part of the council and mayor to…

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George Kramer – $8.2 Million Bond on May Ballot

While most of us are worried about infection, isolation, and whether or not we are brave enough to go to the market, the gears of government grind on, which in today's Ashland, usually, means that the city is still trying to figure out how…

Vote NO on Measure 15-193 – $8.2 Million Bond

For 20 years the City of Ashland has known city hall needed renovation. Despite that, they’ve not put aside a nickel to pay for its upgrade. They wasted 3 years and nearly $400K of our money trying to convince us City Hall must be…

Vote NO on Measure 15-193

While we agree that the Community Center, Pioneer Hall and City Hall need to be upgraded, we strongly oppose this $8.2 million bond issue.

Vote Yes on Measure 15-189

ACES strongly supports Citizens for a Better Government's Measure 15-189 on the May ballot that will amend the city Charter to go to a Council/City Manager form of government.

Support City Council Manager Charter Amendment on May Ballot

Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability (ACES) strongly supports a Council-Manager form of government for Ashland which is recommended by both The League of Oregon Cities (in its model charter) and IMCA, the world’s leading…

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Meredith Overstreet Letter on City Hall

Dear Mr. Mayor and Members of the Council: I am writing as I will not be able to be present at the next city council meeting.  I want to express my concern that the City is considering a multi-million dollar tear down and replacement of…

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George Kramer Letter on City Hall 2-28-20

Dear Mr. Mayor and Members of the Council: I am unable to attend your March 3 business meeting due to a prior commitment. Please consider this testimony related the proposed revision the GO Bond related to City Hall, Pioneer Hall and the…

Historic Commission Letter on City Hall 2-18-20

Dear Honorable Mayor and City Council, The members of the Historic Commission have asked me to represent them in addressing the City Council's discussion regarding City Hall as part of the capital needs and bond proposal agenda item.

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Ashland City Manager Charter Amendment

The following amendments are proposed to the Ashland City Charter.  Only these articles and sections therein are amended.  All other language in the Charter shall be unchanged.

Big drop this year in Ashland business licenses

All businesses including home businesses that do business in or are located in Ashland, are required to have an Ashland Business License including those who sell or provide tobacco, food and beverages, and lodging services. The application…

Budget Committee Purpose and List of Members

Budget Committee Purpose and List of Members

The City of Ashland's 14-member budget committee consists of 7 elected officials and 7 appointed members. Appointed members of the budget committee must be electors of the local government. They cannot be employees, officers, or agents of…

Ashland Financial and Budget Documents

Ashland Financial and Budget Documents

The Ashland Finance Department has many different documents available. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, first click here to see all documents, else please contact the Finance Department at 541-488-5300.

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Ashland proposed budget 2019 to 2021

Ashland Citizen’s Budget Committee and Citizens of Ashland: The City of Ashland (City) presents its Biennium 2019-21 (BN 19-21) proposed budget for your review. This biennial budget presented many challenges to balance but results in a…

Reference in Ashland Aces

Reference in Ashland Aces