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January 28, 2020

In Rich Rosenthal’s guest opinion of Jan. 12, he devotes a paragraph to the Ashland Canal Project. However, he never acknowledges the real issue: that Ashland citizens have offered a viable, less costly and disruptive alternative to the plan he supports, which requires a complete removal of existing concrete and re-piping of the 2-mile canal.  More Rosenthal Rebuttle

He instead portrays Ashland citizens opposed to his plan as unconcerned about conservation and climate change. He disingenuously adds, “saving 60 million gallons (of water) … may not qualify as a worthwhile project for some …” On the contrary, the citizen’s alternative would save an estimated 98% of the annual 60 million-gallon loss.

What would you choose — Rosenthal’s option, a two-year, $3.5 million brand-new piping option that will result in hundreds of trees removed and probable significant damage to private property, or citizens’ option: a four-month relining project costing $1.5 million with minimal tree removal and essentially no damage to private property?

It’s a shame that Councilor Rosenthal addressed the Ashland Canal project so superficially. Unfortunately, it’s typical of many responses in his opinion. Ashland needs leaders who will address city issues openly, substantively, objectively and respectfully and are good stewards of our tax dollars.

Susan T. Wilson


Rebuttle to Rosenthal’s Incorrect Claims

Rebuttle to Rosenthal’s Incorrect Claims