Examine Ashland Finances

Mail Tribune 8/6/2020

Gratifying to read that the Mail Tribune intends to further emphasize and expand local news. This is, of course, the principle reason we, and I’m sure many others, subscribe to your paper.

Resources permitting, it would be even better if you were to publish more investigative reporting. There are no shortage of fertile subjects, and here are a few it would be interesting to explore:

Has the expansion of the city workforce been necessary and cost-effective? For example, among others, has the full-time position created a couple of years ago to capture tax from short-term rentals continued to pay for itself with increased revenue, or could those tasks not be performed by existing city employees?

Does the city really need to maintain such an extensive fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment, or could these be downsized or rented as needed?

In addition to the city’s extensive real estate ownership, did it make economic sense to buy the Hardesty tract? And, do we need to continue public ownership of the Lincoln and Briscoe school properties? How much property tax are we forfeiting by maintaining all of this land off of the tax rolls?

Michael A Bloom


Mail Tribune: Publish More Investigative Reporting

Mail Tribune: Publish More Investigative Reporting