Vote no on City Hall bond

Tidings 4/30/2020

Ashland Councilors Rosenthal and Jensen wrote, “Our forbearers in Ashland had the wisdom, financial courage and generosity to invest in our jewel of a town.” I agree, if we were living in different times!

All of America will be affected by COVID-19’s destruction. Ashland’s vulnerable sectors of leisure and hospitality will be hit the hardest. We will be battered by this epidemic if strong actions are not taken now.

The city has maxed out property taxes, raised utility rates, added utility surcharges; furthermore, the city has fallen short on business development and has relied heavily on one organization to bring in tourism dollars. We need to rethink the future of Ashland. It is not sustainable in its current existence.

Vote no on the $8.2 million City Hall bond, Measure 15-193, and vote yes on Measure 15-189 to amend Ashland City Charter to create a city manager position.

We need change!

Meredith Overstreet


Vote no on City Hall bond

Vote no on City Hall bond