Vote No on 15-193

Tidings 5/6/2020

Astonishingly, during his time of painful business losses and skyrocketing unemployment, Ashland’s City Council is poised to impose a new tax on its citizens in the form of the City Hall Bond. The city plans to tax you not to help our local businesses or citizens struggling to pay for rent, food and health care in a crisis, but rather to redesign an over-the-top, non-historic City Hall — for itself — during a crisis! The final insult is that an extensive construction project in the center of the business district will limit access to shops and restaurants already fighting for survival.

Don’t be fooled by the city’s assertion that this bond doesn’t raise taxes. Yes, investors buy bonds, but the city must pay them back. You’ll be taxed to pay those investors

$8.2 million plus interest.

Make no mistake, Ashlanders, the City Hall Bond isn’t financed by some mysterious investors “out there.” You pay. Government wins. Ashland loses. Vote no.

Laurel Miller


If Virus Doesn’t Kill City, Council Will

If Virus Doesn’t Kill City, Council Will