Forebears Lacking Forbearance

Tidings 5/11/2020

City Councilor Stephen Jensen, in a recent letter attempting to persuade voters to support the $8.2 million bond measure, inadvertently provided the primary argument for voting no.

He summarized: “Please don’t punish the past. Embrace the future as our forebears did and vote yes.” The problem, of course, is that Jensen and several of his City Council colleagues, recent forebears all, “embraced the future” by engaging in irresponsible financial management resulting in spending well in excess of available funds, all the while ignoring the recommendations and warnings of the citizen members of its own Budget Committee.

If a bond is to be passed maintaining our exorbitant tax-and-fee regimen, let it be for the purpose of saving our economy, businesses and disadvantaged individuals from the ravages of COVID-19, thereby generating renewed funding for appropriate city expenditures. Please vote no.

Craig McDonald


Council Ignored Warnings by Budget Committee

Council Ignored Warnings by Budget Committee