Vote no on City Hall Bond

Tidings 5/5/2020

I am writing to weigh in against Measure 15-193, the proposed $8.2 million bond measure for renovating City Hall, Pioneer Hall, and the Community Center. In this unprecedented time, with residents and businesses suffering and the long-term ramifications for our city as yet uncertain, now is not the time for us to assume a financial burden of this magnitude.

We entrust our elected officials to plan thoughtfully and steward the city’s resources in a manner that makes sense for citizens considering all the circumstances. Most Ashland residents care about the safety of city employees and appreciate the value each of these structures offers our community.

Renovations make sense; there is just not satisfactory evidence that the City Council has identified the most cost-effective means to do it. The citizens of Ashland deserve more than a request for funds without a detailed and defined plan, especially when many are unemployed and dealing with economic uncertainty.

I have always supported bond measures in the past. However, now is not the time for a project with such a large price tag.

Amy Ahrendt


City Wants Funds Without a Detailed and Defined Plan

City Wants Funds Without a Detailed and Defined Plan