City Manager Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

 Knowledge of:

  • Advanced/ modern/ and highly complex principles and practices of municipal government.
  • City administration and functions/ including organizational and economic development functions and services.
  • Principles and practices of municipal budget preparation and administration/ including in depth knowledge or Local Budget Law and Oregon taxation and revenue systems.
  • Principles of effective public relations and the interrelationships with community groups/ public agencies/ private businesses/ firms/ and other levels of government.
  • Current social/ political/ and economic trends/ as well as operating problems of municipal
  • Pertinent federal/ state/ and local laws/ codes/ and regulations.
  • Principles and practices of employee selection/supervision/training and professional development.
  • Principles and practices of Oregon public procurement law.
  • Principles and practices of public sector risk management.
  • Oregon land use law/Oregon government ethics law/Oregon public meetings and public records law.

Skill and Ability to:

  • Provide effective leadership and coordinate the activities of a city organization.
  • Serve effectively as the administrative agent of a city council.
  • Select/ supervise/ and evaluate assigned staff/ including senior managers.
  • Interpret and apply a wide variety of complex laws/ rules/ and regulations.
  • Analyze/ interpret/ summarize/ and present administrative and technical information and data in an effective manner.
  • Communicate effectively/ orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Education, Training and Experience

 Education: Bachelor’s degree with major coursework in public administration/business administration/finance or a closely related field. A master’s degree in public administration is preferred.

Required Experience: A minimum of ten (1.0) years of progressively responsible public sector administrative/management experience/ including at least three years of experience as a chief administrative officer for a city/county or special service district or five years of experience as a deputy or assistant chief administrative officer of a larger jurisdiction.

Desirable Qualifications: A master’s degree in public administration. Experience managing a municipal government that is similar to or larger than the City of Ashland.