Vote No on City Hall Measure

Tidings 5/6/2020

As a citizen of Ashland I am thoroughly bewildered by the city’s ability to ask for money at a time such as this. Asking citizens to pitch out $8.2 to demolish and rebuild City Hall is an innately self-centered action.

This bond is poorly timed. Ashland is already under extreme economic stress; there is a global recession and Ashland is not immune. if this bond is truly for the benefit of the citizens of Ashland then why do it at a time where many are struggling to keep a roof over their head, food in their house, and a clean bill of health. It is hard to find a worse time to ask for money from taxpayers.

It would seem to me that the City Council and the mayor should figure out how to work within their budget. I urge everyone to vote no!

Lastly, continually taxing and taking from the citizens/property owners of Ashland will not yield any long-term results when our tax dollars are spent on things that only benefit the few. Families are continually being forced out of Ashland due to its rising cost. If you are looking for a town full of retires, please remember that their money will eventually run out too. Families are what keeps a city going and growing; Ashland is not The Villages, Florida.

Sheri Cellini


City Hall Bond is Poorly Timed

City Hall Bond is Poorly Timed