Capital Improvement Projects

The Ashland Public Works Department has adopted master plans for each specific division; Street, Storm, Water, Wastewater, Facilities, and Airport. These master plans not only detail operational maintenance requirements but also improvement projects driven by numerous system needs. Each plan is developed independently from the other and in general, projects were previously prioritized by system need without consideration for the whole infrastructure system. Public Works staff has worked on developing an improved system for prioritization of maintenance projects and CIP projects that accounts for all system needs. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has documented project data from each adopted master plan and geolocated each specific project into a citywide database.

ACES Letter to Planning Commission – Deny Conditional Use Permit

We understand the owners of the old Croman Mill land on Mistletoe Road, Dwaine & Bud, LLC, have recently applied for a Conditional Use land-use approval to continue to run a 5 year soils processing…

Business Assistance by Other Oregon Cities – Where’s Ashland?

Grants to Struggling Businesses Beaverton, $500,000 Cannon Beach $302,000 Forest Grove, related to rents and mortgage payments, $100,000 Grants Pass, $785,00

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George Kramer – The Voters Have Spoken… LOUDLY

Now that Measure 18-193, the $8.2 million Deferred Maintenance Bond, has failed overwhelmingly at the ballot, it is time to move on. The Mayor and those members of council who pushed hard for this…

Statement by David Runkel

ACES Letter to Mayor & Council – Business Assistance Ideas

We respectfully submit the following recommendations to provide immediate assistance to struggling Ashland business people facing financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Letter on City Hall by Meredith Overstreet

Ashland Councilors Rosenthal and Jensen wrote, “Our forbearers in Ashland had the wisdom, financial courage and generosity to invest in our jewel of a town.” I agree, if we were living in different…

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Susan Hall Letter on City Hall

Yesterday ( 2/20/20) I emailed you with my candid and blunt opinion on the $8.2 Million bond placed on the November ballot by you. (At least Dennis Slattery and Julie Akins oppose it).

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At this week’s City Council meeting, as our leadership reiterated its support for the $8.2 million Deferred Maintenance Bond to upgrade City Hall and deal with two shuttered city-owned buildings on…

Statement by David Runkel

ACES Letter to Mayor & Council

We represent a number of citizens who were deeply concerned about the fiscal status and economic health of the city of Ashland before the advent of Covid-19.  Now, we’ve seen little to no action on…

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George Kramer – $8.2 Million Bond on May Ballot

While most of us are worried about infection, isolation, and whether or not we are brave enough to go to the market, the gears of government grind on, which in today's Ashland, usually, means that…

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Meredith Overstreet Letter on City Hall

Dear Mr. Mayor and Members of the Council: I am writing as I will not be able to be present at the next city council meeting.  I want to express my concern that the City is considering a…

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George Kramer Letter on City Hall 2-28-20

Dear Mr. Mayor and Members of the Council: I am unable to attend your March 3 business meeting due to a prior commitment. Please consider this testimony related the proposed revision the GO Bond…

 Facilities Fund Used to Cover Operational and Administrative Expenses

As you all are now aware $1.7ml in tax-payer funds that was saved in the Facilities Fund to insure the maintenance and repair of existing city buildings like Pioneer Hall, Community Center and City…

Historic Commission Letter on City Hall 2-18-20

Dear Honorable Mayor and City Council, The members of the Historic Commission have asked me to represent them in addressing the City Council's discussion regarding City Hall as part of the capital…

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Letter to Council – Don’t Panic over City Hall Seismic Issue

Mayor and Councilors…..I want to address some comments made at the last (2/8/2020) City Council meeting which I was unable to attend.

Moran’s Address to Ashland City Council on Water Treatment Plant Wasteful Spending

Public Works has requested and council approved replacing the existing 7.5mg water plant with a new 7.5mg $40ml dollar water plant based on 2012 growth forecasts showing future increases in water…

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Wilson Educates Council on Seismic Risks for City Hall in Letter to Council

I brought up the question of seismic vulnerability of city hall as it relates to the bond proposal at the recent town hall meeting.  Since then I submitted my findings of my investigation using the…

Statement by David Runkel

Runkel Urges Compliance with Budget Committee and Council Recomendations

I’m going to limit my remarks to, in the view of this veteran Citizens Budget Committee member, the flawed process which led to the proposal now pending before the Council.  I’ll leave it to others…

Former Budget Committee Member Shows Flaws in New City Hall Proposal

A recent Daily Tidings editorial, “The Right City Hall Choice” contains some information that should be addressed.

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Dave Runkel Urges City Council to Table Bond Proposal

For two significant reasons, I urge you to table without consideration the agenda item entitled “Mayor Presentation Capital Needs and Financing” which proposes issuing a 20-year bond to pay for four…

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Sheri Cellini Admonishes City Council on Bond Proposal

First off I am thoroughly confused by how the city cannot operate within a budget, and expects all of it’s citizens to do so in order to help out the city's poor accounting...

Capital Improvement ProjectsBudget Committee

Capital Improvement Projects