A budget is a financial plan that includes estimates of expenditures and revenues for a single fiscal year or biennium. The local budgeting process provides procedures for evaluating a local government’s needs and identifying revenue sources to meet those needs. A completed budget provides a means of controlling expenditures and a justification for imposing property taxes. A local government’s budget is a public document.  Budget Committee Motions

Ashland Aces

Budget Committee Motion City Hall Study Expense Reduction

I move that the Budget Committee reduce appropriation in the 2019-2021 budget from $400,000 to only what is required to fix City Hall as outlined in the proposed CIP budget. Discussion: The mayor and Council have been less than candid…

Personnel Cost of Ashland City Government

Budget Committee Motion PERS reduction

I move to reduce the city’s contributions to PERS by $500,000. Discussion: The city currently picks up the full six percent employee contribution to PERS. Thatis, no city employee put up any of his or her own money into the retirement…

Budget Committee Motion Community Development Expense Reduction

Budget Committee Motion Community Development Expense Reduction

I move for a reduction of the Community Development department budget by $720,000 and an increase in the Fire and Rescue Department’s budget by a similar amount. Discussion: In searching for ways to reduce city spending instead of…