Vote no on Ashland bond

Mail Tribune 5/4/2020

In the Voters’ Guide sent out last week, I urged a no vote on Ashland’s $8.2 million bond to remodel Ashland City Hall, the Community Center and Pioneer Hall. Since the piece was submitted in mid-March, the COVID-19 lockdown has added a strong new reason for delay.David Runkel of Ashland Aces

Gov. Kate Brown’s stay-at-home order has meant lost jobs for hundreds of Ashlanders as restaurants and stores have closed, and is poking a big hole in the city’s budget. Since Ashland has zero reserves, the city cannot give small businesses $2,500 checks as Grants Pass is going or adopt Seaside’s forgiveness of hotel taxes and reductions in water charges.

Today Ashland is not the “vibrant, thriving city” cited in the Voters’ Guide. We hope this is temporary, but the city’s looming huge deficit should foreclose on any major new spending.

David Runkel


Budget Committee Member – Vote NO on Bond

Budget Committee Member – Vote NO on Bond