Utility bill keeps growing

Tidings 7/31/2020

I have lived in Ashland for 18 years and I never paid much attention to my utility bill. I just paid it.

Now, I find myself reviewing each line item and calling the city utility department questioning some charge I don’t recognize. The people who answer my inquiries are always helpful and courteous.

Last month, I called because it looked like I had been double billed, but instead summer water rates had kicked in and these rates last through September. I got my July bill yesterday, and like last month I called regarding a charge I did not recognize: the “water customer charge.” What could that mean?

I know what the “public safety support” fee is: it finances the additional police officers we hired a couple of years back. Paying for police on my utility bill. Odd, but it’s there. But I digress.

I asked if the “water customer charge” was new. “No.” Had it recently increased? “No, that was last year.” It would seem that this charge is similar to the electrical base rate charge. I am charged an up-front fixed cost before I consume any power or water.

I used to hear people complain about the increases on their utility bills. I thought they were just whining. Now I am a whiner. Each month I get more and more frustrated. At some point I expect my bill to be two pages as the list of charges grows and grows.

I am hoping that the new mayor and council will be more transparent about how to charge Ashland citizens for services rendered. Or maybe even reconsider some of the charges.

Regina Ayars


Ashlander Joins the Whiners on Utility Charges

Ashlander Joins the Whiners on Utility Charges