PACs and Ashland Politics

Tidings 8/30/2020

It’s become apparent that there are some Ashlanders who feel that PACs (political action committees) are inherently bad.

But, do we disapprove of because it’s a PAC? Or the Sierra Club? Vote Latino and Medicinal Cannabis are “super” PACs. Are they inherently bad? Of course not. We support or oppose different PACs based on what they stand for.

ACES (Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability) stands for good fiscal stewardship for the city of Ashland. We specifically opposed the bond in the primary. Given that 70% of Ashland voters defeated the bond, one can’t say we represent extremist views. In fact, it’s kind of funny to see some people get their knickers in such a twist over such an innocuous organization with such conventional views.

For the upcoming election, we’ve asked candidates to sign an economic sustainability pledge with three elements: Reduce spending with no new taxes, surcharges or fees; use a prioritized budget approach (what you do in your households every day); and diversify the economic base of the city so we’re not so dependent on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Seven candidates signed the pledge, three declined — one because ACES is a PAC. While ACES won’t be endorsing or providing financial support to any candidate, we are announcing who signed the pledge, along with their campaign information, and who didn’t. This information is available on the ACES website at

We are grateful to those who did sign for their commitment to the future of our wonderful city. We wish all 10 candidates a thorough and thoughtful discussion of the important issues over the next nine weeks.

Susan T. Wilson, treasurer

Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability

Are PACs Inherently Bad?

Are PACs Inherently Bad?