Vote No on 15-193

Tidings 5/6/2020

The Ashland City Council approved placing the $8.2 million City Hall retrofit project on the ballot on the same day as it declared a financial emergency due to COVID-19. My daughter’s response: “Why does your generation always want what they want when they want it without regard to us future generations?”

My daughter made me realize that our city is acting just like spoiled teenagers: the very thing I am trying to teach my daughter to not be.

The people of Ashland have been devastated by a “health and economic earthquake” with hardly any help from the city. Instead, it is obsessed with protecting its City Hall from a physical earthquake, the statistical likelihood of occurrence in the next 50 years is approximately 10 percent. The seismic renovation is “nice to have but not urgent”; it can wait a few years until the mess from the real “earthquake” has been addressed. Priorities, please! Make no mistake, service and repayment of this bond would be a tax, the proceeds of which could greatly help those struggling through this crisis now.

How can I explain the concept of good judgment, community sacrifice and long-term sustainability to my children in light of the City Council’s conduct?

Paul Clark