Vote NO on 15-193

Tidings 5/15/2020

As decision day nears on the proposed Ashland $8.2 million City Hall reconstruction bond, I’d like to restate the view of Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability .

First, we support updates to City Hall, Pioneer Hall and the Community Center, but strongly believe this bond is inflated and comes at a bad time. The city’s budget is running a huge deficit while many individuals and businesses in our community are hurting and could benefit from local government support.

As our signs say, “Wrong Time; Wrong Price.”

If this bond is defeated as I hope it will be, the challenge for Ashlanders with differing views will be to come together on how, when and what to move forward on during these difficult days.

ACES favors the prioritizing of city spending. There are essential services that must be continued — public safety, utilities, some but not all park and recreation programs. There are also places where cuts can and must be made — administrative overhead in general, community and economic development, grants to private organizations, some parks and recreation programs.

Where can money be saved? The obvious target is personnel costs, both salaries and benefits, averaging over $140,000 annually per employee over this biennium.

Where should money be spent beyond essential services? First priority should be providing aid to people and businesses struggling from the economic lockdown, as we outlined to the council two weeks ago. Second would be repair projects to essential city facilities.

Let’s do what’s right for all Ashlanders.

Susan T. Wilson


ACES Favors the Prioritizing of City Spending

ACES Favors the Prioritizing of City Spending