Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability

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Citizens Budget Committee Meeting

Committee Member Shaun Moran's address to committee - Watch here


The city of Ashland is on an unsustainable spending track. Our budget has almost doubled over the past 8 years. Our utility bills have ballooned as our elected officials have sought easy solutions to pay for essential city services instead of doing the hard work of prioritizing them in our budget. There is little to no planning for future liabilities, virtually no reserve funds in our $286 million budget and no one in city government is seriously looking at ways to save money. The future of our city is at stake.

As a result, a number of concerned citizens have formed a group called Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability (ACES)* whose only goal is to inform and educate Ashlanders about the perilous financial state of affairs in our city.

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* Aces is registered as a Political Action Committee with the Oregon Secretary of State